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Mariano NocitoBorn in Pavia, Italy, on November 28, 1959.

Started in the jazz at the age of 17 years, i have had the good fortune to meet collaborations with many extraordinary musicians, italian or not, that have enriched my baggage, both artistic and human.

From the mid-1980s, for about twenty years, he worked as freelance with some of the greatest exponents of the italian jazz and european (Daniele Di Gregorio, Piero Bassini, Gaetano Liguori, Umberto Petrin, Guido Mazzon, Tony Rusconi, Emilio Galante, Arrigo Cappelletti, Beppe Grifeo, etc.) by participating in various festivals in Italy and abroad.

In 2002 he began to write compositions for the string quartet, with the collaboration of Quartetto Barueco of Florence, who will perform the compositions in various events and festivals (Jazz & Co Florence 2001, 2002, 2003, Punta su Pavia 2001 , Chimichemozioni Pavia 2004) and will become the nucleus on which will be developed later projects “Vision String Project” and “Vision Quintet“, and at the same time, together with Maurizio Carugno on tenor sax, Niccolo’ Cattaneo on piano, and MassimoPintòri on drums to give life to “Maurizio Carugno 4tet”, that performs an original repertoire, extracted from some of my compositions for the string quartet, some pieces of Carugno and Cattaneo, and some standard reinterpreted.

In 2003, from an idea of Claudio Perelli and Andres Villani, participated in the project “Pavia Jazz Orchestra“, which, since 2004, and began to turn the world (India, Morocco, Argentina, Uruguay, Croatia) proposing a repertoire of italian music arranged in key jazz, at the Italian Cultural Institutes hosted by the italian embassies in the world.

In 2004 presented the “Vision String Project“, octet (the string quartet + jazz quartet) from the repertoire including the compositions for classical quartet rearranged for this training, with the precious collaboration of “Quartetto Barueco” of Florence and Daniele Di Gregorio on vibraphone and arrangements.

Since 2005, the training becomes a string quintet, becoming Vision Quintet, and the repertoire enriched of original compositions and arrangements for this type of training, in tribute to great figures of jazz, which Art Ensemble Of Chicago, Michel Portal, Bill Evans and others.

With this training participated in 2006, in the context of the I° edition of the “Festival dei Saperi“.  Together with a full-bodied nucleus of friends musicians, fund “MN e i Contenuti Speciali”, superband of 10 elements, which performs, in homage to the great musical genius of Frank Zappa, arrangements by me assembled for the music of the Great Master, and at the same time, in the month of July, he participated in the project “Trialogue Festival” of the guitarist and composer israeli Yuval Avital, with Wisam Gibran (oud, violin) Anna  Troisi (teremin, electronics) and Federico Puppi (cello).

From 2008 to 2010 he took part in the project “TNT & Friends“, and with his friend Sergio “Tamboo” Tamburelli.

In september 2010 he participated in the premiere of the multimedia opera Samaritans by Yuval Avital, in the context of MI-TO Festival at the Teatro Nuovo in Milan, and in 2011 he took part in the project OrkestrAmit – Transplanetarium 2011 of his friend and percussionist swiss composer Ivano Torre, with whom he collaborated in duo, and in a trio in the project “Disse di tre”.

At the end of 2011, with the singer Alice Lenaz, guitarist Paolo Terlingo, the harp player Andrea Sacchi and drummer Stefano Resca fund “Alice & The Lazy Jellyfish“, acoustic band specialises in interpretation in key damn “Bluesy” of some of the most poignant standards jazz and blues.

In the classic collaborated occasionally, since 2005, with the Arion Choir & Consort of Ghislieri College of Pavia, edited by Giulio Prandi.

Main festivals i attended:

  • 1991, 1992 and 1993: Jazz festival Halle-Weimar-Jena-Erfurt-Dresden (DE) (Grifeo-Galante Quartet)
  • 1993: International Jazz Festival City of Milan at the Teatro Ciak (Piero Bassini Trio);
  • 1994: Festival “The sounds of the ‘ 900″ Teatro Massimo in Palermo (Hagakure);
  • 1999: Jazz Festival Emerging in Forlì (ranked second in duo with Beppe Grifeo);
  • 2000: Iseo Jazz (Idea Trio of Gaetano Liguori);
  • 2004: Chimichemozioni Pavia Santa Maria Gualtieri (PV) (Quartetto Barueco) ;
  • 2004: Festival Ethno Music Competition City of Milan,Teatro Edi (Vision String Project);
  • 2005: Festival Ethno Music Competition city of Milan, Teatro Edi (Maurizio Carugno Quartet)
  • 2005: Season of Collegio Ghislieri of Pavia (Vision Quintet);
  • 2006: Festival dei Saperi of Pavia (Vision Quintet);
  • 2007: Trialogue Festival by Yuval Avital at Cittadellarte Fondazione Pistoletto (Biella)
  • 2007: Trialogue Festival by Yuval Avital at Teatro Franco Parenti in Milan;
  • 2009: Ameno BluesTNT & Friends Pisano (NO)
  • 2010: Semiana Jazz - TNT & Friends Semiana Lomellina (PV)
  • 2010: MITO Festival 2010 – Samaritans by Yuval Avital  Teatro Nuovo in Milan;
  • 2011: OrkestrAMIT – Transplanetarium Tour Losone, OLivone, Bellinzona, Locarno (CH).